Example of a EELQMS development programme

Participation in the EELQMS implies a commitment to market, develop and manufacture those engine lubricants for which compliance with ACEA Oil Sequences will be claimed, or to have such engine lubricants developed or blended by third parties, in accordance with its guidelines. The graphic below shows the key steps in an engine lubricant development programme that meets the requirements of the EELQMS.

Lubricant Development Steps

Key Responsible Party

Step 1

Define engine lubricant requirements

Lubricant Marketer or Developer

Step 2

Initial Formulation

Lubricant Developer

Step 3

Formulation Development

Lubricant Developer

Step 4

Performance Validation

Lubricant Developer

Step 5


Lubricant Manufacturer

Step 6

Commitment to Conformance

Lubricant Marketer

Step 7

Auditing and Assesment

Lubricant Marketer